Welcome to the documentation of the espyta ESP OTA webhook software.


espyta is a straightforward web application written for Python 3.6 and up using the Tornado web framework.


You can run the built in espyta HTTP server through the espyta http command. This will serve up a HTTP server listening on localhost on port 8000.


You can install espyta from PyPI by running pip as follows:

pip install espyta

I suggest you use a virtual environment for installation. There are extended Installation instructions available which explain how to do so.


espyta is a place that will accept your first contribution to an open source project. The preferred place to start out is to visit our GitHub page and look at the issues there. If you can solve any of them then you can send a pull request. I will make sure to review your code.

If you are thinking about contributing a new feature then keep in mind that espyta is trying to stay as small and lean of a project as possible. Open a ticket first if you have a specific feature in mind.